KTS Networks is proud to introduce Mitel/ShoreTel Connect, a remarkable innovation in IP telephony and unified communications. The first of its kind, Mitel/ShoreTel Connect is a platform built on a single software code base that means you can design your communications system any way you choose: as a managed service from the cloud, as a hardware system you manage yourself, or as a hybrid deployment where some locations and applications are managed in the cloud and others are managed onsite. Choose a communication platform that fits you:

Connect On Site
Connect On Site

Are you ready for a communication system that you have ownership of, that is truly reliable and that is completely manageable from a single location? Welcome to Mitel/ShoreTel Onsite.

Take ownership of an on premise business telephone system built for stability and longevity.

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Connect Cloud
Connect Cloud

Sometimes business volume is unpredictable and your employees need to be available from anywhere With Mitel/ShoreTel Cloud, you get the agility to connect your staff from anywhere and the flexibility to change your consumption based on your needs, all while maintaining optimal performance.

Connect your business with the agility of cloud-based telephone service.

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Connect Hybrid
Connect Hybrid

It’s the benefits of onsite AND cloud business telephone systems—agile consumption, managed performance and total stability to ensure that you’re always up and in business.

Choose a telephone system with the stability of premise and flexibility of cloud.

Have it both ways...

Benefits of Mitel/ShoreTel Connect:

Communication is an integral to every facet of your business. Don’t leave your business telephone systems to chance, when you can work with a partner that builds telephone systems with purpose.

Why should that matter to you?

  • Choose the infrastructure that works for you: onsite, cloud or hybrid
  • Your communication plan is designed exactly how your business needs to use it
  • A telephone system truly designed for voice ensures the highest quality conversations
  • Maintenance and reliability in a way that is hard to imagine in today’s world
  • Lowest total cost of ownership of any unified communication system available

Mitel/ShoreTel is our space. If you’re ready to partner with a team that gives you the attention you deserve and takes the time to get your solution right, let’s talk.

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